COS1002005 COSLINE Aloe Essence Mask Skin Therapy COSLINE蓐蕙精華面膜

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COSLINE Aloe Essence Mask contains aloe essence integrated formula to help handle the major skin problems caused by dehydration and stresses. It can relaxes the skin , refresh the cells and also brighten your face skin.
COSLINE蓐蕙精華面膜 的茹蕙特制配方能有效的緩和由于生活壓力及肌膚水份的流失所造成的肌膚問題。它能舒緩肌膚細胞所承受的壓力﹐提供肌膚能量及恢復肌膚色澤。

Apply COSLINE Aloe Essence Mask on the cleaned face for 20-30mins and rinse off clean.
COSLINE蓐蕙精華面膜 覆在乾淨的臉上待20-30分鐘後清洗臉部。

Product of Korea.

Suitable for All skin type

Size : 18 g

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US$ 64.70 (Delivery to Other Country)
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