BIU1003001 BIURET Skin Fit

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BIURET Skin Fit is an ultimate foundation that gives your face with ultimate young sand smoother look. 
BIURET Skin Fit 粉底能給予您的肌膚絕對的彈性與光滑表面。

Product of Korea.

Suitable for All skin type

Price of 1 pc
RM 89.00 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
[was RM 99.00 SAVE 10.1%]
S$ 43.40 (Delivery to Singapore) 
[was S$ 48.20 SAVE 10.0%]
US$ 30.30 (Delivery to Other Country)
[was US$ 33.60 SAVE 9.8%]

Price of 2 pcs

(Available for Registered Member Only)
RM 168.30 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
[was RM 198.00 SAVE 15.0%]
S$ 81.40 (Delivery to Singapore) 
[was S$ 96.40 SAVE 15.6%]
US$ 56.70 (Delivery to Other Country)
[was US$ 67.20 SAVE 15.6%]

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