CEC1004001 Phone 32GB Touch Screen Phones 触摸屏手机

Product ID : CEC1004001
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Phone 32GB Touch Screen Phones 
Image Viewer touch flow feature, Virtual Keypad,
Changing music , pictures, movies and wallpaper randomly by shaking feature,
Pictures and movies automatically rotation to proper direction accordingly to the rotating of phone,
GSM QuadBand enabled network standard, GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, GPRS
Integrated 1.3 M camera
Bluetooth 2.0,
3.2" Flat Colour touch screen with handwriting recognition 
email and web browsing
 Java applications , Java games enabled
MMS , SMS , pictures
MP3 player, polyphonic ringtones
Radio , Stereo FM radio,
 USB , Vibration
Super Thin and super light
Dual SIM card capability
Phone 32GB 触摸屏手机 图像浏览器触摸流功能,虚拟键盘, 改变音乐,图片,电影和随机墙纸由震动功能, 图片和电影,自动旋转到正确的 相应的方向旋转的电话, 四频的GSM网络标准的启用和GSM 850,GSM 900, GSM 1800,GSM 1900,GPRS,集成摄像头1.3米 蓝牙2.0, 3.2“平面彩色手写触摸屏 承认电子邮件和浏览网页
 Java应用程序,Java游戏启用 彩信,短信,图片 MP3播放器,和弦铃声 收音机,立体声调频收音机,
USB接口,振动 超薄,超轻 双SIM卡功能

Free Items with purchased ﹕ 

(1) AC Adapter
(2) USB Cable
(3) Additional Backup Battery
(4) Earphone
(5) User Manual

(1) AC充電器
(2) USB銜接線
(3) 附加備用電池
(4) 耳機
(5) 使用手冊

Size : 115mm x 60.5mm x 11.5mm

Weight : 111g

Price of 1 pcs 一件價格

RM 579.00 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
[was RM 1140.80 SAVE 49.2% ]
S$ 276.90 (Delivery to Singapore) 
[was RM 548.50 SAVE 49.5% ]
US$ 212.30 (Delivery to Other Country)
[was RM 392.00 SAVE 45.8% ]

Price of 1 pcs 一件價格
(Available for Registered Member Only只限註冊會員)
RM 534.50 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
[was RM 1140.80 SAVE 53.2%]
S$ 255.60 (Delivery to Singapore) 
[was S$ 548.50 SAVE 53.4%]
US$ 196.00 (Delivery to Other Country)
[was US$ 392.00 SAVE 50.0%]

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