LFM01MBD101201 我的美麗日記白金珍珠拉提美型面膜 My Beauty Diary Mask Platinum Pearl

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My Beauty Diary Mask Platinum Pearl 
Brighter color, moisturize the skin
「我的美麗日記」拉提美型面膜專屬複合配方–多元肌活傳導複合物TM (DIXAS ComplexTM),富含多達十種親膚性高、分子微小的胺基酸,透過相乘協同作用,為肌膚導入新生活力,維持在最佳柔潤彈性狀態,幫助提升活性成分傳輸滲透力。
White Yen Can exclusive composite components and grain drill Lingge embossed cloth membrane, the vitality of the skin into the top!
Liang Yan precious ore muscle density - combined with moist white pearl hidden elements and platinum particles excellent physical properties of the water lock to play the bright ore and ocean Yen strength.
Lemon, orange and kiwi fruit extracts polishing composition, the first metabolic accumulation of keratin, the follow-up platinum pearl essence to help nourish the skin perfectly, giving the skin whitens the ultimate sense of the degree and translucent, shining like a pearl pendant platinum-like luster bright moving! 
Lahti exclusive composite components 
"My Beauty Diary" Lifting Mask exclusive US-based composite formula - live transmission complex multiple muscle TM (DIXAS ComplexTM), rich in skin-friendly as many as ten high, small amino acid molecules, multiplied through synergy , new vitality into the skin, soft and flexible to maintain the best condition, to help enhance the penetration of active ingredients transmission.
Elastic fabric membrane Hishimonoides exclusive - exclusive exclusive crystal diamond film Lingge embossed cloth, with excellent ultra drainage network chessboard, comprehensive guide Essence rapid, complete and uniform distribution; super soft cotton rich sense of elastic fibers, with absolutely stretch of good for a variety of face.
Ears hanging positioning designed to provide precise 360-degree close coated, all-embracing care every inch of you.

Product of Taiwan.

Suitable for All skin type
particularly suitable for partial skin dry and lack luster

Please place the fine to avoid the deterioration cool

Price of 1 pc
RM 3.80 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
S$ 2.95 (Delivery to Singapore) 
US$ 2.05 (Delivery to Other Country)

Price of 10 pcs
RM 36.30 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
[was RM 38.00 SAVE 4.5%]
S$ 20.00 (Delivery to Singapore) 
[was S$ 29.50 SAVE 32.2%]
US$ 14.00 (Delivery to Other Country)
[was US$ 20.50 SAVE 31.7%]

Price of 30 pcs

RM 104.00 (Delivery within Malaysia) 

[was RM 114.00 SAVE 8.8%]

S$ 55.40 (Delivery to Singapore) 

[was S$ 88.50 SAVE 37.4%]

US$ 38.80 (Delivery to Other Country)

[was US$ 61.50 SAVE 36.9%]

(Available for Registered Member Only)
Price of 50 pcs
RM 168.00 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
[was RM 190.00 SAVE 11.6%]
S$ 89.00 (Delivery to Singapore) 
[was S$ 147.50 SAVE 39.7%]
US$ 62.30 (Delivery to Other Country)
[was US$ 102.50 SAVE 39.2%]

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