LFM02MBD101204 我的美麗日記花博限定版 維也納鬱金香面膜 My Beauty Diary Limited Edition Vienna tulip flowers mask

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我的美麗日記花博限定版 維也納鬱金香面膜
My Beauty Diary Limited Edition Vienna tulip flowers mask
慶祝花博限定版 緊緻柔膚
Limited Edition to celebrate the Expo
Five well-known Flower Mask
Add rich plant extracts
Plant essential oil compound flower fragrance
Skin Firming

Product of Taiwan.

Suitable for All skin type

Please place the fine to avoid the deterioration cool

Price of 1 pc
RM 3.45 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
S$ 2.75 (Delivery to Singapore) 
US$ 1.95 (Delivery to Other Country)

Price of 10 pcs
RM 33.00 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
[was RM 34.50 SAVE 4.3%]
S$ 18.30 (Delivery to Singapore) 
[was S$ 27.50 SAVE 33.5%]
US$ 12.80 (Delivery to Other Country)
[was US$ 19.50 SAVE 34.4%]

Price of 30 pcs

RM 95.00 (Delivery within Malaysia) 

[was RM 103.50 SAVE 8.2%]

S$ 50.80 (Delivery to Singapore) 

[was S$ 82.50 SAVE 38.5%]

US$ 35.50 (Delivery to Other Country)

[was US$ 58.50 SAVE 39.3%]

(Available for Registered Member Only)
Price of 50 pcs
RM 155.00 (Delivery within Malaysia) 
[was RM 172.50 SAVE 10.1%]
S$ 82.20 (Delivery to Singapore) 
[was S$ 137.50 SAVE 40.2%]
US$ 57.50 (Delivery to Other Country)
[was US$ 97.50 SAVE 41.0%]

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