Pre-Order Policy 预购须知

Note: Pre-Order Items will take at least 2 weeks or more for processing time. It is advisable for you to place an inquiry ticket before placing your order, if you are in need urgently for such items.
警示﹕ 預購物品需耗時至少2星期以上的處理時間。如果您緊急需要使用到有關產品而無法等待﹐我們極力建議您發質詢問票于我們詢問才下單預購。

Pre-order Terms & Conditions

50% deposit (for registered members)/ 70% deposit (for non-registered members) is required for all pre-order products. We will only process pre-order request after the pre-order total had been paid.
2. We will send an e-mail notification for you with the final total payment amount after the stock is arrived. Please kindly clear the balance within 7 days, or before the deadline stated in the e-mail notification. Otherwise, the order will be canceled automatically and deposit will NOT be refunded for non- registered members. As for registered members part the deposit might will be converted into E-Coupon (if we can able to sell the related items to someone else within 14 days) and the amount of conversion is subjects to the deduction of the stocks remanding.
3. Pre-Order Deposit shall be made within 48 hours once the order has been confirmed. Else, the order shall be canceled automatically.
4. Once the deposit is made, NO cancellation or exchangeable order is allowed.
5. Deposit will be converted into E-Coupon if the items are out of stock.
6. Shipping cost for pre-order products can only be estimated since it depends on the total weight of the items. The actual shipping cost will be re-confirmed again once the products have been arrived.
7. Pre-ordering products will take 
at least 2+ weeks of total working days or more to be processing. An email will be sent to you once the pre-ordering had been processed. Please be patience.
Only registered members are entitled to use E-Coupon , Gift E- Voucher, or Member Reward Points to pay for Pre- Order Deposit. Non registered members can only use E-Coupon, Gift E- Voucher for normal order only, but not Pre-Order.
9. The actual price of the pre-order items might be slightly different with the price stated in Xela Workshop. If such situation occur,  and :-
9.1. The actual price is lower than pre-order value : - We will issue E-Coupon for the differences value.
9.2. The actual price is higher than pre-order value : - We will finalized the remaining payment amount and stated it in the e-mail payment notification. You are required to pay the amount stated , but you will entitle to get an E-Coupon with the amount of the E-Coupon is equivalent to the differences between the finalized total and the pre-order value.
10. Xela Workshop reserves the rights to change or alter or edit the Pre-Order Policy from time to time without prior notification. 
11. By placing a pre-order you are assumed to agree and accept all of the Xela Workshop policies and rules, included but not limited to Pre-Order Policy.