Shipping,Delivery,Buying Policies

Shipping and Delivery

PosLaju / Courier / Normal Parcel Shipping Rate
We encourage all buyers to select Courier service with APO protection for all orders. Kindly take note that, all products need to be checked before singing or receiving the package of your orders. Once signed or received, the buyers will be responsible for the ordered items and no returning , refund or exchanges requests will be entertained in whatsoever manner or reason.
We have reviewed and adjusted the Postage Rates, due to the PosMalaysia's Postage Rate had been increased 100% on 1st July 2010. 
As for other countries, we will quote the postage rates and delivery methods in every reply on every order request. You will be given a chance to select the delivery method, which suit you the most.    

Time of orders' Processing  
Please allow 3 to 14 working days for orders processing. We will only process your order after we had received the confirmation of the payment made by you. Once the shipment is out, we will notify the shipment tracking number by e-mail to you.

Refund Policy
All goods sold are not refundable, exchangeable, or returnable, after you had signed the courier receiver's note or accepted the ordered items sent to you. We encourage you to check the ordered items before signing the courier receiver's note or accepting the ordered items. We do not entertain any request for returning, exchanging and refunding. In order to minimize the damaged caused by delivery channel(s), we advise you to select Additional Packaging Option (APO).

Split Order
If the total ordered items' weight or value more that the limit allowed by the courier services, we will automatically separate your order into several parcels and delivering in different dates to meet the requirement. You will be notified with all the tracking numbers by e-mail.

Delaying in Delivery
Some countries' custom may take longer time to inspect parcels and may resulting additional delaying for 2 - 4 weeks. Such countries including (but not limited) European countries.  
Please note that you are responsible to the risk of loss, damages of the items, customs declaration and duties fee, obtaining licence for importing ordered items, legal responsibilities for the ordered items and any other problems that cannot be foreseen by us. By placing an order with us, you are agreed that you will be responsible to all the above stated issues.

Returning Orders
Some orders are returned to us (due to incorrect address, inappropriate address [such as POBox, Hotel address, and etc], undelivered items, refuse to pay tax[if applicate], refuse to provide identification details, refuse to make import declarations, refused to accept by recipient. 
If any returning order occurs and we received returning items in good manner, yet we will issue an E-Coupon to you. The value of the E-Coupon is equivalent to the Original payment deduct [-] Original shipping fee deduct [-] Returning fee (if applicate) [-] 20% of the value of the order as handling fee. We will issue an e-mail notification once we received any returning orders, and you are granted with 7 days to request for Re-Shipping of the returning orders. However, you are required to pay the quoted shipping fee again plus [+] 20% of the value of the order as handling fee.   

We reserved the rights to alter, edit and change any part of all policies, terms and rules stated in this site, including but not limited to Shipping, Delivery, and Buying Policies.